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Thank you for visiting, the Alabama State Treasury's official website for unclaimed property searches. Each year, millions of dollars in assets are turned over to the Alabama Treasurer's Office by financial institutions and businesses that lose contact with the owners. These assets may be in the form of cash, stocks, bonds, insurance benefits and even valuables from safe deposit boxes. By law, once these funds are deemed abandoned, they are turned over to the state. The Alabama State Treasury serves as custodian of these assets and makes every effort to return them to the rightful owner or their heirs.


This site allows you to search the Alabama unclaimed property database to see whether the state may be holding assets that belong to you, your family or your business. You may also print claim forms and track the progress of your submitted claims. Claims submitted for assets held by the State of Alabama are processed by the State Treasurer's Office. There is never a charge to search the database, file and track a claim or receive your assets!


Thank you again for visiting and please don't hesitate to call our office toll-free at (888) 844-8400 if you have questions about the claims process.


Young Boozer
Alabama State Treasurer

Program News

State Treasurer Mails Unclaimed Property Notifications

2013 09 09The State Treasurer's Office mails notices throughout the year to citizens who may have assets in the State's Unclaimed Property Division MoneyQuest Alabama. During the first week of September 2013, 57,000 mail notice cards were mailed in an



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Alabama now offers a program for voluntary disclosure for businesses wishing to report past due unclaimed property and achieve compliance with the law.

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Through this link, you can get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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